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We will assist on developing a current enviroments and preparing for the future.

Hunters Group CEO

According to the rapidly changing times, Concerns and interests about career managements and recruits are soaring up due to increasing unemployment rate according to the reduced job opportunities. In spite of overflowed human-resources, companies are still facing to the difficulties finding employees suitable for their business fields. In rapid development of technology and with constant change of market trend, both corporations and individuals are hard to follow up rapid changes.

Since 2012, Hunters Group recognizes these environment changes and concentrates on connecting job seeker to company in right time. Through this, company can prepare for future changes and job seeker finds correct job he/she wants and by doing so we believe both parties will be satisfied.

Hunters Group will fulfill the following significant values with playing a connecting role between individuals and companies.

First, Hunters Group's highest priority value is 'Human'.
Second, Hunters Group believes 'Honest' as most important element in business.
Third, Hunters Group focuses on 'Current' environments, but our values aim to the 'Future'.

Hunters Group continues to explore new ways to give better
services to both companies and individuals.
Hunters Group will assist on developing a current environments
and preparing for the future.


Kyung Mo Chung